(our) True Colours is a project by WAU Europa.

We live by the motto that we should respect and love all living things as long as they don’t oppose to our cause. We proudly belive in national socialism and its “true colours”… National Socialism is kindness, joy, love and care but it is also struggle!

We want to share and spread the good and focus on it, our view over the real and true National Socialism, the one you will never see in history books nor too often in other nationalist sites.

We belive that by colouring and sharing these photos enables us to have a more realistic view over the past, in opposition to B&W photos which make us feel like looking to unreal and lifeless people from a far, far away time dimension. It allows us for a second to get closer to the timeless idea that make us keep going. The foundation where people, our people, can enjoy life with happiness and love on their hearts, achieve greatness and live in peace and harmony with Nature’s laws. The idea you will never learn in books but instead the idea that never dies and was within them and is now within us – you!

The world today is already a dark and sad place full of hate and we are not that, we are light and joy even though if sometimes we are forced to fight to defend and protect our folk.

These are our TRUE COLOURS!


Can I use your images in my own projects?

We would love you to use our work and see our work used on other sites and projects. For now our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We do not own the beauty and the souls enclosed on these photos and we feel they should be shared alike with anyone willing to appreciate them.

But as you can imagine we are spending a great amount of time doing these images and some money to make this available to you for free. If you really like our work and want to support us, a reference or a link to our site would be nice or if you really like us that much consider supporting our WAU sisters in their journey helping the less fortunate.

Keep in mind you cannot sell, charge any money for access nor use any of these images for commercial use or mass media diffusion. For commercial use contact us at wau.europa@gmail.com .

Below you have a gallery of some of our artwork/photos on printed material.

I found a photo in which I own the copyright and the rights and I want you to remove it or to be credited for it.

In this case please contact us as soon as possible. We truly apologize this but as you can imagine sometimes it is almost impossible to know or discover who holds the copyright and rights of old photos. If you are the legal owner of one or more photos that we recovered and coloured, please contacts us so we can give you the credits. You can do the same if you wish your photo to be removed from our site.

Note: Most of these images are more a derived artwork than a colourized photo because many of these images are 60% or more hand painted, even after removing or give you credit for the original photo, you have no right over the recovered image. You cannot sell it or claim it your own.

Can you colour my photos?

We are always seeking for great photos that portrays our idea. If you think you have a photo that fits in our project contact us. Our preferred subjects are: women/girls/youth activities, family portraits, daily life, culture, animals and nature. We are not interested in war time photos unless they are really good.

Are these images/photos historically accurate?

Some are but most are not. We had recovered and coloured these photos not to be historically accurate but to portrait the beauty within them as well the true spirit of national Socialism. So many patches and uniforms do not have the historically accurate colours, some pictures have elements removed, ie backgrounds and buildings, and some other minor changes here and there.

We can say most of these photos are in reality a derived artwork from the original photo because they are 60% or more hand painted.

How can i contact you?

You can contact us via e-mail wau.europa@gmail.com.
You can also visit our contact page and contact us via the form available in there.

Note: please do not contact us with hate messages. Don’t waste your time, we don’t argue with strangers over the internet and we are too cool to be affected by your hatred. No matter what you may say you will not ruin our day! :)

Hate is like a disease. If you have it, keep it to yourself don’t spread it!