Working out at home

Sometimes, we want to exercise but for some reason we just don’t like going to the gym. However, going to the gym is not a must if we want to be fit, we can also work out at home. It is isn’t necessary to buy expensive machines; at home you can work out whenever you want and as many times as you want.

Any work out routine starts with warming up and stretching. You don’t need any machine for this. To warm up, you can run some laps around the block or jog. You can also practice some boxing movements, for this you don’t strictly need a punching bag. You should warm up for 5-10 minutes.

Aerobic exercise (cardio)
This kind of exercise is beneficial for your heart. Plus, it helps to burn body fat and become slimmer. If you can afford one, machines for cardio work out include stationary bikes, ellipticals, and rowing machines.
A cost-free aerobic exercise is jump the rope, jog and even dance.

Muscular work out
For this, you will need weights or dumbells.The weight and intensity will depend on the gender, age and overall physical condition of each person. When I worked out at a gym, the trainer gave me a routine consisting of 4 series of 12 repetitiones each. You should always start with few weight and then increase as you feel comfortable. Never strain your muscles in order to avoid injuries.

To work out your abdominals, you only need a good mat, if possible a thick one, in order to protect your back. Don’t force your back and neck.There is a huge variety of abdominal exercises to focus on different parts of the abdominal muscles (core, obliques…).

Remember always to stretch once you have finished your work out and also to drink enough water while you exercise.

Another alternative when you want to work out at home, even if it sounds silly and somewhat old-fashioned, is to purchase work out videos. I have tried it and it is both fun and useful, you sweat a lot! Why not give it a try?

Personal trainers: this is a more expensive option but might get you faster results, since working out with somebody else (especially someone you are paying to!) will probably keep you motivated. Another idea is to exercise together with a friend, neighbour or any other person you know.

Motivation is a key factor: many people start exercising and then give up because they get bored or say that they don’t have time for it; however, we think it is important to take care of our bodies just as it is important to take care of our minds. So, try and stay motivated about working out!

As you can see, there are many possibilities to work out at home. Exercising 10 minutes everyday or one hour three times a week will help you to stay fit. Of course, you must also watch out what you eat: avoid sweets, fat, junk food and sodas, let’s try to keep our diets healthy by consuming cereals, fruits, vegetables and mineral water. Everything counts when it comes to losing weight or just caring for our health.

Ivana WAU

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