What is Meningitis?

A high fever is one symptom of meningitis, an infection of the membranes lining the outer surface of the brain. Both viral and bacterial meningitis are potentially fatal, especially in babies, and urgent medical attention is essential. Each year, there are a number of reported cases of bacterial meningitis, but the figure is now falling because of the success of the HIB vaccine.

The mhttp://www.baby-clipart.net/pics/sick_baby.gifost common types of bacterial meningitis are meningococcal, pneumococcal, and hemophilus influenza type B (HIB)

The germs that cause bacterial meningitis are very common and live in the back of the throat. People can carry them for weeks without becoming ill. Only rarely do they become the body’s defenses and cause meningitis. Recognizing the symptoms could mean the difference between life and death. Meningitis may develop quickly within a few hours.

High pitched, moaning crying Persistent vomiting.

Increasing drowsiness.

An aversion to bright lights.

Purple-red rash or bruises. These can occur anywhere on the body and are due to blood poisoning.

Stiff neck.

Bulging fontanels, the soft areas on the baby’s skull bones fuse together.

Not all these symptoms may appear together.

The Meningitis test.

If your child develops a rash anywhere on the body, press the spots or bruises with a glass or your finger. If they do not turn white, see your doctor immediately.

Sources: Julie G Baby care

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