Unity & Comradeship..

Unity! What is it? It is the ability to put aside our small differences for our common goals – Our Folk. We have all attended gatherings of our people and it seems the only thing we have in common is alcohol & gossiping! We are destroying ourselves, we do to ourselves worse than what the enemy could do to us. What is the solution? First as individuals we must keep an open mind, for you cannot take in new ideas with a closed mind. We must educate ourselves! Read! Read! Take in as much knowledge as possible, with both literature of our people & the enemy, in this way you get to know the way they think and act. Ask questions, the people to ask are our POWs and PPs, these men & women are very intelligent and have a great desire to help our people.

Now to families. They are the backbone of the movement. They are the future of our Folk. In the last few generations we lost our family bonding, we come from broken homes, single parent homes, and working parents. We have lost contact with our extended family.

Our sexuality has been distorted, women have become emasculated. They have been taught that they are no longer needed in the home as wives and mothers. They have been forced to compete with men for the males’ jobs. This is shameful! Men have become effeminate, they are taught wives’ skills and told this is their responsibility. They have not been taught their true responsibility to home, wife & children. We have also learned when the going gets tough – “run”. Stand tall, stand firm, and fight together. Choose your mate well, look for common factors, look for intelligence, skills, loyalty. So often we mate with our hormones and not with our intellect.

Groups within our movement: We hang our heads in shame. What are you doing? Do you seek glory in your name? Define your goals, secure your friendships. Stand with each other and lend a hand. Do not gossip about each other, but offer your hand in comradeship to help each other overcome the trials of your lives. Investigate other groups and their beliefs. Find your common goals, and work with it. However if you do not agree with these groups, don’t hesitate to withdraw from them. Remember we are not liberal right wing people, we don’t want to return to the old way, it didn’t work then so it won’t work now. We must work together, to defeat the enemy. We must raise a new Folk, a new world that is fit to live in, where we can raise our children with love & joy, where we decide our future. We can only do this if we all unite & put aside our small differences, then together we will walk the road to a happy future.

Hail The Future

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  1. Stacey

    Unity such a simple concept yet it seems that most people have no clue how to attain it…


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