Tips To Get Your Children To Eat Healthy

*Cut Fruits and Veggies into fun shapes and provide a healthy, but yummy dip. Peanut Butter and Yogurt work well.

*Ask your children to come shopping with you. When in the produce section, let them select a new item they’d like to try.

*Make sugar-free Jell-O with cut up fruit in it. For added fun: use cookie cutters to cut the Jello-O.

*Start “Make Your Pizza” night. Provide bunches of veggies for toppings: mushrooms, onions, peppers, olives, tomatoes, etc. You can also do a fruit pizza w/ yogurt for the sauce. That one doesn’t need baking. :)

*Make desset time healthy with options such as berry cobbler, strawberries dipped in yogurt, etc.

*Have the children help you cut fruit(with a plastic knife) and make a giant fruit salad.

*Let’s face it, kids like candy. So once in awile let them have some. But instead of giving them a whole candy bar, mix a small amount of M&Ms, Reeses, whatever they prefer w/ nuts, dried fruit, and Chex cereal to make a trail mix. This is a great snack for travel and outdoor activities.

*Do Kebobs, let children create their own. This works well w/ veggies(which can be grilled) and fruit(which can be eaten cold.) You can also add pieces of chicken or fish to your veggie kebob.

*Make salads more appealing by mixing in baby oranges, cheese, ham bits, nuts, or anything you know they enjoy.

*Spaghetti(and other sauce based dishes) is a great time to add veggies in a non-obvious way: spinach, mushrooms, onions.

*Pour pure fruit juice into ice cube trays and freeze to make popsicles. You could also add small peices of fruit.

*Be creative and fun. Make funny faces w/ fruits: Berry eyes, strawberry nose, melon slice for mouth, apple peel for hair. And don’t forget the old favorite: bumps on a log. Spread peanut butter on a celery stalk and add raisens for eyes.

*Always keep fruits and veggies on hand. Don’t just provide them at meal time. Kids will be more inclined to eat them when it’s their choice.

*Don’t let your own tastes affect your child’s. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean they won’t.

*Always stress the benefits of healthy eating, but do it in a fun way. Tell them eating their fruits and veggies will give them strong teeth like a dinosaur, big muscles like a gorilla, long, beautiful hair like a lion.


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