Tips for Easy Sleepers

Establishing a sleep time routine is essential for making bedtime tear free. Even as adults we know that if we have a daily routine that our day seems like stressed and chaoatic, children also adapt better to bedtime if its done in the same manner each night, here are a few tips to help you make bedtime a stress free time with no tears.

Establish a routine, it can be any of the following or a combination of them all…

– Having an evening time b

– Getting into pajamas

– Feeding

– Lullabies

The sleepier your baby is when you put them down, the better your chances of having your little one stay asleep. Turn the lights out (leave a night light one), pat your baby on the bacck, say goodnight and leave, start as you mean to continue.

If your baby cries, go back in, rub their back until they settle down, say goodnight again, and then leave.

Avoid roughhousing or any other stimulating play right before bedtime, a lot of light in the room, having the TV blaring, and letting your baby fall asleep nursing or sucking on the bottle.


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