The blinding of our people

Why do the Jews and other mud races try so hard to keep the White Race on the bottom? Do they fear the White Race that much? It’s ok for them to march for racial unity and constantly address the public and speak out for racial education for their people. The blacks want the slave tongue to be taught in public schools. I could write at least 30 more things they cry about, but then I don’t want to complain for them. The sad part about this is that a lot of my White Race are standing at their side. Are these whites so blinds as to not see the real picture? If you are one of these people and are reading this to keep up on the movement all I can say is “Open your eyes”. You stand by these muds and help them preach that it’s wrong to believe that the White Race is supreme, but yet you help them spread their lies. As you help them seek equality for their kind your race is used as dirt in an outhouse.

The more of our racial heritage we allow to be taken from us the more docile the White Race will become. I’m proud to be White. I’m proud of my Aryan blood. The bubble is about to burst. All that is needed is the right needle to pop it. The more Whites that open their eyes and realize what is going on, the stronger we will become. I am just one voice in many, but I know of all of us who speak out for our race. My voice is as loud as theirs as one. If we could just get more whites to listen then we could get them to speak out with us. This would make the voice of the whites stronger in more ways then one.

Another thing we must pay attention to is our white children. Take a look at the 14 words, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”. One of the most important things we can do is educate our children so that they can pass it along to their children and so on. We can’t sit back and think that they will pick up on our beliefs. We must let then know why we hate. We must make them see why it’s so important to make sure the White Race has a future. A child’s mind is like a blank book that fills up, as he or she gets older. It is very important that you as parents write a few chapters in this book. Our time will come and we need everyone in the right state of mind. Our children are our future and the only way to secure that future is through education, dedication and the will to survive. Eternal struggle is the price of survival.

For the love of my race – Thomas Blair

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  1. Scotty

    Your article may be interesting, but it doesn’t prove how the Jews try to keep the White Race on bottom…all Jews are white, and they don’t seem to be putting anyone down.


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