Stretch Marks

During your early stages of pregnancy, discoloured lines known as stretch marks may appear on the surface of your breasts as you gain weight. A few months later weight gain on your buttocks and tummy may also result in stretch marks. Depending on your skin tone, they start out as pink, reddish brown; they vary from woman to woman. After giving birth, the stretch marks will fade and gradually become more like your normal skin colour, my sisters faded in colour but are still on her skin, i guess having 2 children will leave its marks.

Stretch marks may in some cases be prevented by using a good aromatic oil daily from early on in pregnancy. Here’s a recipe to try: fill a dark glass bottle with 50ml wheatgerm oil, or a mixture of wheatgerm and almond oil for a thinner solution. Add 3 drops of lavender essential oil and 15 drops of the neroli essential oil. Massage daily after bathing.

How to prevent them

You can also try taking a daily supplement of vitamin E to help increase skin elasticity. Also apply pure vitamin E oil locally to prevent or reduce stretch marks. Continue using regularly until after the birth.

Homeopathy has also been known to help. Take Calc fluor 6X three times daily for a week starting in early pregnancy; continue taking on alternate weeks for the rest of your pregnancy. This remedy will help to increase the tissue elasticity of dry or delicate skins.

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Sources: Amazing Baby care UK

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