Stranger Offenders By Julie

Stranger offenders view children as weak, helpless, frail, defenseless, little objects they can toy with and use to fulfill and manipulate for their own personal gratification and when the offender is satisfied, the child is easily disposed with.“A stranger offender can range from passive exhibitionists, to the sadistic murderer, briber, flattery.”1 Innocent looking stranger offenders love to use acts of kindness, treats, and ask for requests to engage conversation to lure away and snatch up our precious children from us.


Pedophiles are found at every social economic level and are come from well-established members of the community. We all hear stories concerning members of clergy, well-respected businessmen and schoolteachers who were exposed as pedophiles. Well, the majority of pedophiles never cross the line into child molestation; pedophiles remain quiet, keep to themselves and pursue their sexual interests at home. Most common pedophile personality type are the immature pedophiles. These types never maintain a successful interpersonal relationship with others. There is a point in their lives, they discover that sexual activities with pre-pubescent children can be achieved and the pedophile feels a sense of fulfillment they cannot obtain from anyone else. Their loner deviants who don’t associate other deviants. Since they lack social contact, they recess downward into deeper pedophilia fantasies. Which makes the pedophile crave more sexual activities with a pre-pubescent child.

A pedophile will usually exhibit a series of personality characteristics that are common in his type behavior for this type offender. Here is a list behavior personality characteristic below.

Lets blow the WHISTLE on PEDOPHILES and STOP there ugliness with our children.

•The pedophile has to find a way to legitimize his contact with kids. Usually by obtaining employment in where he can deal with children on a daily basis. Jobs like schoolteachers, bus drivers, camp counselors, photographers and sports coaching. Volunteers for activities in which they are left alone with children with no parental supervision.

• Often pedophiles have failed marriages due to their sexual interests but remain in a marriage to mask their true intentions. But carry on about “a special relationship”, the wife sadly, knows about her husband’s preference nine times out of ten, but keeps quiet to avoid social disgrace.

• Pedophiles have an unusual amount of interest in pre-pubescent children.

• Pedophiles make frequent references to pre-pubescent children in exalted or exaggerated terms such as “pure,” “innocent,” ”God sent,” “blissful” and other descriptive labels that seem inappropriate and excessive.

• Pedophiles have hobbies or interests that belong in the realm of a child’s mind like toy collecting, building models cars, planes, and trains. His home or room is decorated in a child’s theme reflected that of the age bracket of his preferred victim.

There is no way to tell who the offenders are strangers. , Or what they will do. You just don’t know. Offenders can look like any? Best defense keep unsupervised children away from THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY PARENTS. CHILDREN NEED TO BE EDUCATED! You can’t judge someone by his or her appearance. The way a person looks on the outside doesn’t describe how a person is on the inside. Parents are you aware most abuse happens with the people your children know and trust. They can be a neighbor, a relative, a trusted babysitter, a family friend; a youth group leader, a teacher, and even another child. Protect your children by asking them often, “Is there anything you’ve been wondering or worrying about that you haven’t told me?” Listen to their answers with patience and respect. Watch their behavior and see if there is a change, if there with drawn or anything noticeable.


1. There’s only one person your with all the time who’s responsible for keeping you safe all the time, YOU!

2. When children are alone it’s their job to take care of himself or herself, no one else. If an adult needs help, they need to get it from another adult, not from a child!

Tips about Strangers Offenders

1. A stranger is somebody you don’t know, and could look lik anyone.

2. When you are by yourself, Do Not Talk to a stranger. Do Not Let a stranger offer you anything- nothing to eat, drink, no rides, no toys, no nothing- no questions, no names, Do Not Talk to the Stranger- Do Not let the Stranger get close to you- If the stranger bothers you YELL, STRANGER! STRANGER! -If the stranger follows you YELL, STRANGER! STRANGER! RUN somewhere safe!

3. Never give out personal information to a stranger or to someone who makes you uncomfortable.

4. When you are old enough to be out on your own, stay in areas where other people can see you and are close enough to help you in case you need help.

5. Rules about strangers are different when you are with an adult who is responsible for you, then when you are by yourself.

6. Before going anywhere with anyone (a stranger or an adult), be sure that you check in first with the person that is responsible for you before you leave and tell them where you are going, who you are going with and what time you will be back and last what you will be doing. This is in case something happens to you. Leave telephone numbers and addresses.

7. Know how to walk and stand with confidence. Stand up straight; back up, never look down at the ground, eyes always forward. Never hunch over and walk…

8. When someone approaches you, learn how to keep a safe distance. About arms reach.

9. Learn how to walk away with out waiting when a stranger is being very nice to you.

10. If you are lost or scared, learn how to get help from a BUSY or INSENSITIVE ADULT!

11. In case of an emergency, you need to KNOW how to MAKE NOISE, RUN, and get to SAFETY in case of EMERGENCY!!!! And always remember you can always YELL, STRANGER! STRANGER! STRANGER! STRANGER! STRANGER! STRANGER!

12. Remember that your body belongs to you.

13. When playing, teasing or affection time, I decide whether I want to be touched.

14. No one should touch me in my private areas (the parts of the body covered by a bathing suit) or ask me to touch them in their private areas. This breaks the safety rules.

15. Being touched or other behavior is not always a choice, and should never, EVER be kept a secret.

16. Never keep secrets if anything bothers me.

17. Tell a trusted adult and keep telling a trusted adult if I have a problem If I have a problem, I need to tell an adult I trust and keep on telling them until I get help.

18. It is NEVER too late to get help.

Instinct is nature’s way of taking care of you-Listen to that inner voice.

Talking to children about safety or showing children what to do is not enough it just raises their level of anxiety. Children learn best by actively participating so practice with your child. Practicing safety skills will increases their confidence and competence and at the same time can give you a little work out yourself. Make sure you approach this in a way that for your is not scary, but is fun for your child. Your child can learn with you. So teach them, Practice with them. It’s there safety that is in YOUR hands.

The Safe Child by Sherryll K, Phd
How to Raise a Street-smart Child by Grace H

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