Shaken Baby Syndrome

You ask what SBS is? It is called Shaken Baby Syndrome. It is when a child’s brain and body are injured when a baby is shaken done by a caregiver, a mother or father when they get upset with a crying baby and they lose control or stresses and shakes the baby. Most cases show that a baby is shaken by the father or a mother’s boyfriend.

Shaking Baby Syndrome Causes:

Brain Injury

Cerebral Palsy


Learning and Behavior Problems




To Prevent these injuries never shake a child and make sure your other children or younger children around your baby know this. Always support your baby’s head and neck when holding your them. Always be gentle with your baby’s head.

Signs and Symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome:

Extreme irritability




Decreased appetite

Dilated pupils

Feeding problems

Difficulty breathing


Blood spots in eyes

Poor muscle tone


What you can do to make your baby stop crying? Well all babies do alot of crying the first few months of life but that does not mean that they are being bad. Sometimes babies just need to cry, they have no other way of communicating.

Here are some tips:

Check to see if they need a diaper change.

Check to see if they are too hot or too cold, or are hungry, feed your baby slowly and burp often.

Rock your baby.

Give your baby a pacifier or let your baby breastfeed.

Play soft music, sing or hum to your baby.

Take a walk with your baby out in the stroller.

Let your baby cry out it out.

If none of these tips work, put your baby in a safe place like a crib and take a time out, then take a deep breath count to ten and call a friend or family member for support. Call your doctor to, maybe your baby could be sick.

Julie WAU

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