Reuse your yogurt pots


Yogurt pots are difficult to recycle. Yogurt pots are made from polystyrene, which is a plastic that is not typically recycled. Since you can’t recycle yogurt pots.

* As with all plastic containers, where possible keep them for storage, i use mine for small items like push pins, paper clips, and other smaller bits and bobs that have no home.

* You can also use them for filling with fruit squash or juice before freezing to make ice pops, i also use mine to make my own sugar free jello / jelly and i add small bits of fruit to the bottom.

* Schools & playgroups may use the larger yogurt containers as craft materials so ask your child’s teacher about this, you can also use them for crayons, cotton balls, paint brushes etc.

* They can be used in the garden as pots for seedlings.

* They can be cut into strips and used as plant labels. You just need a permanent marker to write on them as the elements to tend to smudge markers that are not water proof.

* Puncture the bottom of 2 pots, thread a string between them, and then children can use them as a cheap telephone, easy and lot’s of fun for your children.


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