Raising a family

Motherhood is a fortress of generation past, present and future. Our women are the ones who bare our children, if they didn’t work alongside with their men our future generations would cease to exist. Men also have many obligations to fill and they should do so with honor and pride, raising a family isn’t an easy task, but with dedication and undying love nothing is impossible.

Our communities are infested with diverse cultural practices. Foreign manners are disclosed and our children are being subjected to this on a daily basis. Their heads are being filled with debris from cultures other than their own. Perhaps if we could look at these things as educational exercises then they might have some merit, but they are not being used for educations sake. They are being used to disassemble what our ancestors worked so hard to put together.

We create our children with love. Let’s raise them with love. They come into this world looking up to us – reaching out to us for guidance and nurturing. We have the ability to share our perceptions with our children and to teach them about faith, order, security, strength, patience, labor, reason, and yes even of struggle.

The most precious gift, besides love that we can give to our white children is the gift of recognition. Recognition of who and what they are. We can teach them to recognize and to hold dear the integrity of being white and proud.

Motherhood – A fortress of generations past, present and future. As women…. as mothers, you can do your part to secure a promising future for our race. – White Purity is our Nations Security.

D. Dodd

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