Puffiness During Pregnancy

Some pregnant women can experience a certain amount of puffiness, or swelling during pregnancy, it is caused by an increase in fluid volume. Puffiness usually occurs in your fingers, ankles, feet and sometimes in your face.

Hot weather, prolonged standing and tiredness may worsen this condition, you should only become Concerned if the white indentation marks known as “pitting” occur when you apply finger pressure. Pitting oedema is linked with high blood pressure and protein in your urine; this may be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

How to prevent it:

• Make sure you at a healthy, balanced diet , get plenty of exercise, and drink plenty of fluids.

• Avoid overeating and over-exerting yourself, and set aside time during the day to rest and relax.

What can help?

• Acupuncture can bring relief.

• Herbalism Dandelion leaves, golden rod, corn silk, and couch grass are gentle diuretics that need to be prescribed by a herbalist.

• Aromatherapy Massage with essential oils may also be helpful.

• Homeopathy Constitutional treatment (one that aims to raise your general level of health by taking your character and disposition into account as well as your physical symptoms) is recommended for oedema.

Self-help suggestions

• Rest with your feet up at intervals throughout the day, and sit rather than stand whenever you can.

• Supplement your diet with brewer’s yeast, garlic, raw onions, apples, and red grapes or grape juice.


Sources: BabyCare Tips UK

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