Pirate Ship Cake

For my son’s fourth birthday, he told me he wanted a pirate ship cake. I found a neat one from www.familyfun.com, so here are my photos and modifications. Check out their site for the original recipe!


First, I cooked a yellow cake; typical of my luck, I started mixing everything before I remembered that I had thrown away my old round cake pans when we moved. Seeing as how it was ten o’clock at night, I decided to make do with what I had and used a casserole dish. Fortunately, I had one that was shaped perfectly for a ship cake and just poured most of the batter in and cooked until it was done, about 35 minutes. I also cooked some of the excess as a cupcake and set that aside for the island.

Once the cake was done, I cut off the top to make my ship. I iced that with regular canned chocolate icing, and used a fork to create the wooden-plank effect. I put Pirouette cookies around the ship for rails, then broke some into pieces and iced them for cannons. I stuck those in the side and stuck a candle in each. For the mast, I cut some squares of white paper and soaked them in coffee for a bit to color them. Once dry, I cut straws for the mast, and slid on more Pirouette cookies wherever the straw was exposed. I wound up doing this because I could not find wooden skewers during my last, rushed grocery store trip and settled for straws instead.

To decorate, I used Playmobil figures from a Viking and a pirate set, which is also where the treasure came from. I found malt balls in the bulk bin and “glued” those together with icing. I also used chocolate treasure chest candies (I forget if they were Nestle or Hershey’s); I really wanted root beer barrels but didn’t see them anywhere.

For the island, I cut the top off the cupcake and decorated it.

The water is Cool Whip that I colored with Wilton dye; I didn’t mix it all the way because I wanted a streaking effect. I also used some Swedish fish candies that I found in the bulk bin.

The whole thing kept overnight, uncovered in the refrigerator and was a huge hit!


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