Pet’s Hair loss

During spring it is common for your pets to start losing more hair than usual. Sometimes, some pets lose so much hair that is hard to keep the house clean. It’s all natural although it’s annoying trying to keep your home as clean as possible as well as your clothes. Here are a few tips to help reduce the amount of hair that goes on your furniture and clothing.

1. Make sure your pet is always clean (in particular dogs)

2. Brush your pet Daily during the spring time, even if they have short hair. While brushing you will be removing all the “dead hair” that would probably end up in your floor, sofa, etc. Start to brushing it with a large brush and finish with a narrow comb.

3. Brush your cats too, some cats actually love to be brushed. Brushing cats also prevent them from swallowing hair and getting those nasty hair balls).

4. The weather is now better and warmer so you can allow your dog to spend more time out in the yard.

5. When the days start to become more warmer, it will be nice go visit the pet spa and trim your dog’s hair especially if it have long hair.

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