Pet Safe Halloween

perro-disfrazado-elvis-3Halloween is an exciting and fun time for people, but is a very frightening and stressful time for your pets. Unless you have a werewolf in your family to take trick-or-treating, it is not wise to include your pets in the festivities.

Halloween brings the constant ringing of the doorbell from trick-or-treaters, noise, commotion and people in strange costumes. Because your pets rely on their constant daily routine, these Halloween festivities can frighten and agitate your pets. It is best to enclose your fuzzy buddy in a quite comfortable room with some of their favorite things. Keeping them safely indoors protects them from becoming at risk to cruel treatment of Halloween pranksters.

At Halloween, pets are found to be innocent victims of pranksters’ cruel jokes. October is one month out of the whole year we need to take extra safety precautions for our pets.

Ritual Sacrifices are still in existence. The danger to black cats on Halloween is at an all time high. Many shelters and humane societies have refused the adoption of black cats for the entire month of October. This causes the black occult practitioners and other sadists to look to the streets for their sacrificial cats. Color is not always their highest priority. So keep your cats safe and indoors.

Don’t send Odin or Freya along to trick-or-treat with your children. The family doggy can get confused during the noise and all the commotion of the festivities and can be hard to handle. In result your dog could end up biting someone, running away, or bolt off the leash and get hit by a car or get lost.

Make sure all your pets have ID tags in case they turn up missing or escape from your home unnoticed in all the commotion.

Halloween goodies, yum. Tell your children not to share there goodies with their best fuzzy buddies. Chocolate is toxic for dogs, cats and ferrets. Other dangers are lollipops and any other candies with plastic components. Because of the sticks from lollipops and plastic components of other candies if swallowed they can cause an intestinal obstruction and rupture the intestines. This is a life threatening emergency.

Keep your pets away from your Halloween decorations. Pets love to play with anything that dangles, hangs or is shiny. They may tangle themselves, or end up choking on any type of decoration. Keep pumpkins and candles away from curious noses and paws. Candles can singe, burn or set fire to fur and knocked over pumpkins can set fires.

Hope you have a pet safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!

Julie WAU WY


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