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Over To You ………..
This month we are discussing the Media’s portrayal of Women..

Media portrayal of women has sunk to an all time low, once upon a time we could watch a movie and see a beautiful woman look back ahttp://s2.hubimg.com/u/306437_f248.jpgt us, now we are bombarded with images of women who are clearly anorexic, have more botox than should be allowed injected into their faces, lips and god knows where else.

Nowadays a woman who has curves and wears a size 8 or 10 “gasp” is now considered a plus size model, did Marilyn Monroe seem like a woman who was plus size? For our generation she is fat, so is Kate Winslet and many other normal women, would Marilyn be a sex symbol if she were around today? If Kate Winslet gets called pudgy by the media, Marilyn would be practically diagnosed as obese. In reality, curves like hers don’t come with a size 4, definitely not without extensive surgery on not only her breasts, but also the hips and butt.

Women come in all shapes and sizes and i certainly know that some women are naturally thin and they eat good i have a sister like that. Women aren’t stupid we know when someone looks unhealthy and malnourished. The fashion world, music world, movie world all exploit women, but have you ever noticed how the majority of male fashion designers are homosexuals? Obviously they have no sexual desire for women so they think that women who have the body of a teenage boy is acceptable. Most women in order to get a body like that don’t eat or take care of themselves, their skin becomes dry, their bones pertrude through their skin, their hair becomes lifeless, and their menstrual cycles cease to function, their body is now is conserve mode, so in order to function on the minuscule food it is being fed it now holds onto it in order to survive and the rest of the body suffers and becomes a shell rather than a vessel.

Our daughters deserve better than to be raised in a world where all that matters is how they look. We have so many women to admire from so many different Era’s. They need to be raised to feel beautiful without excessive operations being done to them in order to get there, they need to know how to have a well balanced diet, we need to instill in them confidence and courage. Let’s raise our future daughters to feel strong and beautiful in their own skin, if we let them fall into this pit of self loathing it will lead to a life that is not truly being lived. In order for our race to survive and once again become strong and fruitful we need strong women who know who they are inside and out and embrace them both equally..


Now Over To You Ladies and Gents..

I know what you mean Homefront, I refuse to let my girls even watch any TV unless it is something I have pre-approved. Today’s standards have diminished from wholesome family, to “sex sells”. Making our girls believe that they have to look like anorexic, runway models, or a plastic barbie doll to be considered beautiful, and accepted. It infuriates me.

AWright – VA – USA

Its sad , I try and tell my daughters when they see magazines and such what they do to the pictures to make the women look like that. And I tell them how beautiful they are everyday! The last thing I want is for them to think they need to look like that and have low self esteem. I think women need to mass boycott advertisement and entertainment that uses a skewed body image, but it will probably never happen.

Dragonfly PA – USA

Hollywood’s starlets have been going under the knife for decades..but the work always looked more natural looking..these new procedures do nothing to enhance beauty..they take away from it..I can’t for the life of me understand..why any woman gets the lip injections..I have never seen a case where it looks remotely normal.

hoosiermommy – Indiana – USA

A sense of modesty and decency is important for us to instill in our young women. I see a lot of teenagers around here looking like whores, excessive makeup, jewelry and tons of skin showing. When I was a teenager I wasn’t allowed makeup until I was 18 or a halter top. The only thing I was allowed to use was mascara, lipstick and perfume. To this day I still don’t wear a lot of makeup. It takes me about 5 minutes to get ready.

I think topics like these are good. We women owe it to our daughters to install a sense of pride in them and not allow them to be sucked into a vain narcissistic personality.

SurferGal – California – USA

White women are naturally beautiful, why let a surgeon mess with all those years of evolution? I can see cosmetic surgery for things like cleft lip/palates or if someone were to get a boob job after getting a mastectomy due to cancer, or facial reconstruction after catastrophic incidences, but the rest of these procedures are vain and daft.

RepetitionKills – Southwest – USA

I work with a 19 year old female , she has already had two breast jobs, and gets botox injections regularly ! Why does any woman need botox , especially at 19 ?

These so called “supermodels” we see prancing up and down the catwalk are disgusting ! Most of them, in my opinion , look like they have AIDS . But that’s what you get in an industry run by fags and Jews . They want the models to look like ten year old boys , because that’s what these freaks are attracted to . I don’t know any blokes who find these stick insects appealing .

HammerRage38 – Male – Brisbane – Australia

Beauty is determined by the Person, now I’m not talking about ”beauty is in the eye of the beholder” although I reckon that does go far in a relationship. But I mean What I find beautiful can be very different from what you believe to be beautiful, (I know that all Aryan Woman are beautiful and have at least one unique thing, not that thing being white), while watching X-factor one time my cousin said that ”chery cole was pretty even though she was a race mixer” now I personally do not think she is (and its not due to the fact she is married to A Negro) I know that she is ”pretty” as she is Aryan but other then that I simply see no attraction.

As for surgery yes a little can be ok to fix a flaw e.g.(a Streisand Nose), but I can never agree on older women getting it, one of the great thing in a man’s life is to look at his wife of 40 yrs and still see that his wife can be beautiful without the help of surgery.

The time when curves (which I prefer) were sexy has unfortunately passed, I have no problem with skinny woman but when it is ”Model” skinny I feel sick at the sight. Although this phase may just be that a phase in History the idea of what is sexy has changed many times for instance Obesity was once the sexy thing.

1people1empire1leader – Male – Birmingham – UK

I think the majority of men expect women to look like page 3 models, plastic barbies or skinny catwalk skeletons but this is because the media have pushed this image for so long. I don’t think its something that can be changed for a long long time, as long as there is money to be made these freaks will be on our televisions, in our newspapers, making CD’s etc.

Ainzy – Male – UK

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  1. David

    There use to be a sense of dignity in these industries but now many women are being seduced by these shallow images shoved down there throat. Many women hurt themselves by trying to obtain the anorexic image or the fat black image it is very sad. An Aryan woman’s beauty is unique and shines with there natural look. Her beauty not only lies in her physical appearance but her personality we must strive to raise our daughters with pride. The future of our race depends on our daughters.


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