Disclaimer & Terms

HF Magazine Disclaimer & Terms

1. Photos

Most of the images used in this magazine were taken from: sxc.hu, everystockphoto.com and are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 and sxu license. You can read the licenses here: http://www.sxc.hu/help/7_2 and here http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/.

1.1 People on the Photos

The people on these photos and the photographers are not affiliated by any way or support Homefront or WAU whatsoever. If you own any of these photos and despite the license you want to remove it from our magazine please send us a note and we will remove it.

1.2 Other Images

Other images were sent by readers, WAU and HF friends & affiliated members and we have the permission to use them in our publication.

We Also used some images from unknown authors. So if they are copyrighted or you are the author and want to claim or remove your work just contact us.

1.3 Coloured Images

The Coloured Old Pictures are part of “Colouring History” project. We have the author permission to use them in our magazine. If you own and want to claim the original photo copyright contact us so we can advertise the author. Otherwise the coloured photos use, manipulation or extraction to elsewhere are strictly prohibited.

2. WAU Copyrighted Contents

If you want to use any of the contents that are copyrighted by WAU you should ask us the permission first. You can do that by contacting Homefront Publications or WAU at www.wau14.com.

3. Use and Distribution conditions

You cannot sell this magazine, charge any money for access to it nor use any of its contents for commercial use or mass media diffusion.

You cannot modify or extract any part of the magazine to use any of its contents individually. You cannot also change or manipulate any of the contents in the magazine.

4. Password Protection

Despite all the terms and to prevent people who ignore them. All magazine files are protected with an edition password. So you can open, save and print the files but you cannot edit them. Please respect our work and leave it has it is, don’t try to crack the passwords to change the files contents.