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My children are 6 and 13, so most of the links provided are for those two age groups! I just thought I would write about that very first link I posted

What a great lit place. You can download the whole thing and print it, or ask them to send you the whole set FREE in workbooks.

I just got mine in the mail; it only took about 5 days. My son loves it, and their website has lots of activities which correspond to the workbooks.

The only draw back is that at the end of the first level of reading they seem to make all the characters multi-cultural. But it is only four stories out of fifteen. I guess no too bad.

What a fun, colorful, free, and organized way to teach your kid to read, five Stars.



Astronomy for Jr high or high school FREE

Create handwriting paper for several different levels

Astronomy for Jr high or high school FREE

Some free phonics worksheets nice, but they only give you a few and then want you to order the package (which really isn’t that expensive)

Great kindergarten site

Nice little projects free every month

Lot’s of stuff here at Ed Helper

Great site for Jr high or high school using a TI-83 calculator

Cool craft site

Discovery Custom classroom just click on Custom classroom and register and you get to make custom worksheets. I used this a lot last year, but it takes a long time to think these things up!

Good craft site

NOT FREE Kindergarten Curriculum Under a hundred bucks though, for the basic set and it’s nice. Very easy to leave out the religious stuff if it isn’t your style.

Pre-algebra lessons

Cool multimedia site. We have only used Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Raven, on here but it’s really cool.

Free Astronomy course not as complicated as the one listed above. If your kid is a pretty good reader, they can finish the whole course by themselves. An additional course for older kids is available too.

I like this site because it lets you make worksheets.

Here is another math worksheet page , lots more stuff than the other ones I have seen.

This site lets you generate a new math worksheet every time and gives you an answer sheet.

Free beginning reading and alphabet worksheets

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    You might also want try using our free Language Arts worksheets. They are available for any and all to enjoy.


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