Newborn development pt 3

By about three months old is when most babies will be able to hold their heads up for an extended period of time. While lying on her stomach, she will be able to pick her head up and take a look around – these are known as “mini push-ups”. You can encourage her by sitting infree baby clip art front of her and calling to her or dangling a toy.

She will exhibit more strength and control over her arms and legs. Hold her in a standing position and feel her feet push off the floor or your legs. Although she is likely to continue to use a closed fist, dangle a toy in front of her to see if she will make a grab for it. This will encourage hand-eye coordination.

The average 3 to 4 month old will begin to sleep for a 6 hour stretch at night, but some babies take up until 6 months to give up that middle of the night feeding. You may be able to catch a real, full night’s sleep!

She will be able to pick Mom and Dad out now and recognize faces. She will continue to smile and coo and kindly strangers, but Mom and Dad will be greeted with great joy and fervor.

If you haven’t all ready begun – now is a great time to begin reading to her. The changing pitches of your voice will stimulate her. The material doesn’t really matter at this age, as long as you read it with feeling. Recent research indicates a direct correlation between a child’s intelligence and how many words that child hears, during her first year. Talk to her often. Tell her what you’re doing. Tell her about your surroundings as you go for a walk. Point at objects and tell her about them.

You can stimulate her senses by allowing her to touch and inspect a variety of different materials. You can buy or make books that contain many different textures to expose her to.

She will begin to interact with others at this time as well. She will smile and coo at a “happy”, sing-song voice. But she may also be frightened by an angry voice.

As always – if you have ANY concerns over your child’s health or development, consult your health care provider right away.

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