Natural Egg dyes

It’s Ostara/Easter time, and we all know what that means- its time to decorate some eggs, my favourite part of spending time in the USA for Ostara was decorating eggs, this wasn’t something we done in Ireland! Here are some fun alternatives to store-bought kits that you can use to create unique Ostara/Easter eggs with items found around the house. Be s to wash your eggs in warm soapy water before decorating to remove any residue!

Boiling Eggs

To prevent cracking, bring your eggs to room temperature before you boil them. Place your eggs in a single layer in a saucepan and add enough water to cover the eggs, plus an inch or so. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes,then rinse them with cold water.

After decorating, you may give your egg a nice shine with a little vegetable oil and a soft cloth. Be sure to keep in mind if you’d like to eat the eggs afterwards, they should not be out of the refrigerator for over two hours, should not be cracked, and make sure what you are using to colour your eggs is nontoxic.

Natural Egg Dyes

There are two methods of dying with natural ingredients. In some cases, you will boil your egg with the dying agent; for others, you will cook your egg first, then soak it in the dye. To achieve the best results, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar to your liquid when you add the eggs, and keep in mind the more of an ingredient you use, the richer your colour will be. Dying your eggs naturally gives Ostara/Easter a nicer feeling “at least for me”!!

Here are some ingredients you can use to dye your eggs:

Red: Red onion skins- you will need quite a few. Boil these with your eggs for 1/2 to 1 hour.

Pink: Soak in the liquid from canned beets or cranberry juice, or boil with fresh beet, cut up rhubarb, or red onionskins.

Orange: Yellow onion skins- Boil 2 cups worth for 1/2 hour, then add eggs and continue to boil until eggs are cooked.

Pale Yellow: Boil with orange or lemon peels, carrots, celery seed, or ground cumin.

Deep Yellow: Boil with ground turmeric.

Pale Green: Boil with spinach leaves.

Blue: Soak in juice from canned blueberries, or boil with red cabbage leaves.

Lavender: Soak in purple grape juice.

Brown: Soak in coffee.

Tie Dye Eggs

Shave different colours of crayons while your eggs boil. Mix a few different colors together in a bowl and when the eggs are cooked and still very hot, roll them in the bowl of crayon shavings. Make sure your egg is good and dry before you try rolling it! This is lot’s of fun and works a treat!

Extra HomeFront Tricks

· Write on your egg with a white crayon before dying, and watch as your invisible drawing magically appears! Coloured crayons also have a nice effect. I Loveee doing this, i always make really cute Ostara/Easter Eggs with Runes on them.

· Wrap rubber bands around your egg before dying it.

· For marble eggs, add one tablespoon of oil to your dye, but don’t put in any vinegar! Dip in multiple colours for a neat effect.

· Rather than dying eggs, wrap colored tissue paper around wet eggs and allow to dry; the paper will fall off, leaving the color behind. Or, you can simply use markers to decorate your eggs.

· Use small leaves from fresh or dried herbs like flat parsley, rue, thyme or fern. Press the leaves against the egg and wrap securely with a section of old nylon stocking. Do this before putting in the dyebath. After dyeing, rinse these eggs in clear water before unwrapping.The area under the leaves will have little or no dye if done properly.

· Create designs with markers, stickers, paints. NOTE: Drawing designs with crayons won’t work here as the waxy crayons will melt off in the boiling process.

To view a chart of what colour eggs go with what Runes and Magick Click Here


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