Making your own Muesli

Making your own Muesli by Vanessa WAU

I don’t know if any of you eat cereals regularly although last weekend i was at the supermarket and i started wondering about doing my own mix of muesli. I usually buy wild berry organic muesli that are pretty expensive so i decided try to make my own and see if it was cost effective. I bough a pack of whole wheat cereal, whole chocolate corn flakes and oat, then i bought a pack of dried fruits mix with nuts, almonds and all that stuff and a pack of dried cranberries. I then mixed that all together and with the same money i got 4 times more muesli.

A pack of organic wild berries muesli here would cost around 8 to 10€ for 0.5kg. making my own muesli (all organic too) i spent around 10€ and i got almost 2kg of it. So right now i cannot understand why i spent all that money for all these years..

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