Kitchen Tips “Chicken”

Rotisserie cooked chickens ensure even cooking and they seal in moisture, As chickens rotate, they baste in their own juices, so the meat becomes succulent while the skin gets crispy and flavorful. A typical 2 1/2 lb bird will yield about four cups of meat, plenty to serve a family of four. If you are trying to lose weight you should definitely remove the skin, you will cut out 51 grams of total fat, 14 grams of saturated fat, and 567 calories per chicken. It is easier to remove the skin and shred the meat while your chicken is hot.

Buying precooked chickens cost about $6, the same chicken uncooked probably costs around $4, but you’ll spend an hour or so at home roasting it, i like to roast my own and add my own seasonings, but when i am pressed for time i always buy precooked chickens. Most chickens are cooked daily, some stores print the hour it was roasted right on the label, try purchase a chicken that was roasted within the last 2 hours, if you are buying one from a fridge make sure it was cooked that day. At home, refrigerate it immediately if you don’t plan on serving it right away. Following the reheating instructions on the package to guarantee a safe meal for your family, and used cooked meat within two days.


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