Kitchen dangers Part II Cuts and Injuries

In a kitchen we handle lots of tools and appliances that can injure us badly. The wrong use of these tools can lead to small cuts and bruises, it’s not rare to hear stories of people losing fingers and/or get nasty injuries.
The main cause of kitchen injuries are from being distracted and not concentrating while handling tools like knifes. It is not uncommon for a housewife to become distracted whilst talking with their children or husband while preparing a meal. The other most common causes of accidents are: people cleaning appliances while they are still on (it may sound dumb but happens really often), using damaged appliances that are not working properly.

To avoid accidents

Make sure you are focus on what you are doing, if for some reason someone interrupts you, stop and handle the situation.

Read the appliances manuals. Most people when they buy a new appliance don’t read the manuals and that is a big mistake because in those manuals are all the safety procedures you should follow while using and cleaning the new appliance.

Avoid using old appliances. Not everybody has the money to replace old appliances but if they are older than 10/15 years just stop using it. Sounds like a waste since they are still working but the truth is that a kitchen appliance omits lots of heat, steam, grease etc and with time the electric structure starts to get old and degraded and the appliance can start working improperly any time while you are using it. If you don’t have the money to replace it do things old school. It may take a few more minutes but you will be sure you keep all your fingers…

When cleaning an appliance make sure it is off and not connected to the power line. People often think that turning it off is enough but you wouldn’t believe how many accidents happen because of that.

On a regular basis check if everything is working properly.

Make sure you always cut food on a board and with good knifes. Old, rusty and damaged knifes can be really dangerous. Buy good knifes, they can be quite expensive but they will last your whole life.

Today peelers are quite cheap so use them to peel carrots, potatoes etc they are safer than knifes also you will do your job quicker.

Also if you have the time and money take a few culinary lessons so you can learn how to cut food properly, how to protect your fingers and hands, and you will also learn lots of other useful information that will make preparing meals a quick task and safer.

If you cut yourself:

If it is a small cut. Clean it and apply a bandage until the blood stops running. You should make sure you always have the proper tools in your first aid kit and also that you always know where your kit is…

If it’s a larger cut, make sure you stop the bleeding with a rag or a piece of fabric and call your doctor they will give you instructions of what to do while you get into the hospital or an ambulance arrives.

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