Keeping your baby safe Part 1

I was a Nanny for years and learned lot’s of little tips over the years with the various families i worked for, i have compiled a few of these and i will be sure to share some more in the next issue. If you have any tips you would like to submit please email me @

Don’t use open weave blankets that could trap little fingers in it, for the first few months make sure you get blankets that are solid with no holes so nothing gets caught in there. I have used the weaved ones when i had the baby asleep in their pram and i had full eye contact with them at all times.

Never ever use a pillow with a baby that is under one years old, most of them are far to puffy and there is a serious risk of suffocation if your Little Warrior cannot lift their head up off the pillow..

Make sure you never let your baby sleep with a bib on, also avoid any clothing with strings, ribbons etc. as they could also be pulled tight around the neck when baby moves..

Make sure your babies cot (crib) is not located near outlets or shelves, we all know once they are a few months old they learn how to pull themselves up and grab things that are close..

Check out the next issue of HomeFront for more tips..

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