Instilling a work ethic in our youth

It makes me feel quite old to toss out the line “when I was young” but it fits at the moment. When I was a child, my parents began instilling in me what would be a strong work ethic. From household chores to summer jobs and weekend projects, I learned what teamwork and earning “my keep” meant.

These days, I see teens and even young 20-somethings living a lazy life of luxury and having an erroneous sense of entitlement to things. They don’t know how to do much of anything because either parents have spoiled them, tolerated their laziness or just worked themselves too much to pay attention.

If work ethic isn’t taught in the home as it should, we’ll have to step up as a White community and pound it into some skulls, I’m afraid. If you are a parent tolerating a freeloading 18 year old, you need to wake up. If you are a young man or woman who isn’t pulling your load, you need to realize something : not working up to par is no different than stealing. You are stealing time and money from your employer and your brothers on the job.

Work harder, smarter and stronger than the enemy or you’ll be joining them in the welfare line. And you’ll belong there.


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