Improving energy Efficiency during Winter

*Put installation in your ceiling.

*Use curtains and window treatments to prevent loss of heat, but do open them up to let the sun in—especially from southern windows.

*Close off areas that don’t need to be heated.

*Don’t overheat your home. Raising your thermostat one degree can raise your electrical bill by 3%. The recommended setting is 68-72 when home and awake, and 65 or lower when asleep or not home.

*Clean and/or replace your filters frequently.

*Pile on the winter clothing!

*Turn off or unplug any appliances when they’re not in use.

*Keep heaters dusted, especially around fan and reflective surfaces.

*Use fluorescent lighting in appropriate areas. It can save you up to 80% in costs.

*Use towels or door sweeps to stop drafts from coming in.

*Broil your meals instead of baking whenever possible. Also, use your exhaust fan when cooking.

*Keep refrigerator closed at all times and make sure seal does not leak.

*Only run full loads through the dish/laundry washer.

*Place furniture against coldest walls for added insulation, but makes sure vents aren’t blocked.

*Lower water heater temperature from factory setting of 140 to 120.

*Always check exterior of home for cracks, holes, etc. and add weather stripping, caulk, sealant where needed.


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