How to make your home feel fresh

We don’t always have time for a full springtime clean, many of us start with the simple and easy tasks, like cleaning floors and corners, dusting rugs and the like. There is just something about the freshness of the spring season that makes us all want that spring freshness in our homes. We hope you enjoy the below tips, HomeFront have adapted these tips are from one the e-newsletters HomeFront subscribes too – How to Make Your Home Feel Fresh in Spring – Enjoy!

1. Open your windows. Let a fresh spring breeze flow through your home and get rid of lingering winter staleness. If it’s still cold where you live, try opening the window in your bedroom just a little, and sleep with an extra comforter, we always sleep with the window opened at night, today we started to open the kitchen and living room windows to cleanse the air in both rooms!

2. Try moving a piece of furniture or two. Sometimes the new perspective we gain when we change something around is all we need for a sense of spacious freshness. We haven’t moved furniture yet, but have plans to do so over the next few weeks!

3. Simplify your knick-knacks. Try the “Take-Away Half” plan: take away half of your knick-knacks and put them in a box. Then when the seasons change again, switch them. It will feel like you have all new decorations! Today I removed all my autumn candles and decorations, and I will only use flowers from spring décor, in my bathroom I just add cute little fairies with flowers and candles.

4. Consider bring colour into your home. Try bringing in more light airy spring colours to your home. A new slipcover for that tired sofa is a start, we don’t have a sofa that can be slip covered, I would love to change mine for each season, so I throw a pastel throw rug over the back of the chairs, or even a couple of pretty pillows will make a refreshing difference.

5. Use old things in new ways. Try putting rolled-up napkins in a clean vase, or placing candles on a mirror for the dining table, I put some of my candles that I don’t light on my coffee table on top of tiles I have of Spring Goddesses. I also use pretty painted baskets to hold my magazines and remote controls; you can get them cheap at craft stores.

6. Follow your nose! If something smells “off” in your home, find out what it is. Rotting compost, moldy drains, and a neglected pet bed–all these can contribute to a sense of winter stuck staleness. Be sure to empty compost daily; try pouring 1/2 cup of vinegar down your drain to freshen it; and give that pet bed a washing. And once you’ve eliminated the causes of bad odors, place shallow dishes with a tablespoon of vanilla extract in each one around your home to keep it smelling fresh. And if the fridge is the offending party I would suggest removing all food items from the fridge and cleaning the entire inside of the fridge, the last time I had a bad smell in my fridge it wasn’t even any food we had inside, it was just food that had spilled and started to smell. Also keep a pack of Baking Powder in your fridge to eliminate odors!

7. Fresh flowers help. The sight of pretty spring flowers blooming on a table or shelf livens our spirits. My husband has just started to plant flowers and herbs. Bulbs are a great value since after they have bloomed you can plant them outdoors to bloom again next year. My favorite flower is Daffodils, we still haven’t grown any but they are definitely a great spring flower!

8. Vacuum rugs/sweep or damp-mop floors. If you only have time for one chore, cleaning the floors is usually the one that will make the most immediate difference in how fresh a room feels. Today we slept under all the living room chairs, under the coffee table and under the mat at the entrance to our house, we actually threw out the rug from our living room as it a dust and dirt collector and no amount of cleaning would remedy it, so we just left our floors bare and it feels wonderful!

9. Do a quick pick up and put away. Anytime my husband and I clear out a little space, it gives us some breathing room, and that feels really great. It’s like the early-spring raking we do in our yard; today we got rid of fallen leaves we had ignored for the past few weeks, so new life can grow.

When we get rid of clutter and believe me it gets bad with two clutter bugs living in one small space, we create some growing room in our home. You can start small, maybe with just one corner, but if you make a daily or weekly habit of it, room-by-room, eventually your whole house will be done! Today we did our yard and living room!

10. Wipe pet hair off upholstered furniture. I absolutely hate pet hair on my furniture, so everyday I dust it off this only takes a minute, it really makes a difference.


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