How to lessen the expenses of a new baby

How to lessen the expenses of a new baby often means also many expenses, especially if it’s your first child. Some things that you buy are necessary, and some are less needful. Below are some tips on how you can save money with your ow choices.Where to save:

– Buy clothes and toys from flea markets and sales, and exchange them with other families.
– Sell clothes, baby care equipments and toys that are useless; lack of room may quickly lead into a purchase of a bigger apartment.

– Buy the crib, the babysitter and the high chair as used. However, buy the bed mattress new because of the risk of mold.
– Less expensive diapers do usually fine. Washable diapers are the most inexpensive alternative. It has been estimated that disposable diapers will cost you approximately 1000-2000 euro, whereas washable diapers only cost 400-1300 euro.
– Loan children’s books and music from the library. That way you won’t get bored to them either. Another nice idea is to buy a good quality children’s book every Christmas and write the year there; your child will have them as nice memories from his childhood when he grows older.
– Consider whether you really need a nursing bag, a travel carriage, a changing table, a baby alarm or a breast pump. The changing table won’t be used for a long time. Terry cloth covered with plastic will make a good changing base, and you can pack that as well as the other equipments into an old shoulder bag which will be as fine as a nursing bag.
– A family with children often uses more water and more energy, but it’s good to pay attention to their economical use as well.

What you SHOULD get:

– You will need a baby carriage every day and for different weather. There ARE differences in them.
– Buy a NEW safety seat for your baby: if the seat has undergone a car accident, you may not notice it from the surface.
– A good carrying cloth or rucksack carrier calms down your baby and releases your hands for homework etc.
– Care insurance will pay itself back soon, especially if your child is sick often.

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