How to cook & prepare beans

Most people don’t know that beans are toxic and we often see many people cooking them without taking any precautions to avoid food poisoning. Here are a few tips so you can eat beans safely.

1. Never eat raw beans.
3. Make sure you wash them well and never use the water you washed them in for cooking.
4. Make sure you cook the beans alone and don’t use the cooking water to cook other food or to be part of any other recipe, soup etc.
5. If you are using canned beans make sure you wash them well too.
6 Never ever use the water can from cans of beans (many people just open the can and put the unwashed beans and water inside pans, with other foods etc, this is WRONG and dangerous.)
7. DO NOT EVER warm a bean can like you see in old movies, TV series etc. Nowadays all cans have wax layer inside to prevent rust and oxidation problems, if you warm a can you will be eating wax and lots of chemicals…

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