How to carve a pumpkin..

First off decide on a design that you would like to carve into your pumpkin. Doing this first will give you an idea of what you need as well as an idea of the size of pumpkin needed. You need to pick a pumpkin that will suit the design in mind..

When you go to pick out your pumpkin pick the nicest and healthiest looking pumpkin you can find. You’ll want to pick the one without bruises, nicks, and cuts. Make sure your pumpkin is ripe as well. Another thing to make sure of is that your pumpkin has a long stem. This will become the handle to your lid. If you want to, you can also wash the pumpkin off so that it is clean and stays healthy longer.

We put down newspaper down on a flat surface so as not to get your workspace messy and it also makes for an easier clean-up. Measure 2-5 inches down from the stem, this will be where you will cut around, making your lid. After you have cut your lid, remove it. On the underside, scrape off excess gunk, making the surface smooth then start scooping the pumpkin guts out “the best part” make sure you get out as much as possible, also make sure the bottom is flat so that if you are putting a candle inside it will stand up..

Once all the scooping is done start to trace your design on the pumpkin with a marker that is washable so it comes off easily once you are done. After you have your design on the front of your pumpkin and are happy with it, begin to cut the shapes with a sharp knife or carving tool..Once you have all the pieces cut out you should now see your design start to form.

Last place your candle or an LED (battery operated light) in your pumpkin and watch it glow. You’ll want to leave your pumpkin outside in the cool air, which also extends the life span of your pumpkin.



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