How did you tell him you were pregnant?

“I went to a friends house and proceeded to take the test. When I saw it was, I called him up and told him my car wouldn’t start because a part had fallen off of the car and I had no clue how to put it back on.

I went out and even put the hood up on my car for dramatic effect. When he showed up, he looked around and said that he didn’t see anything missing. I handed him the stick and told him that this is what I wanted to show him.

It took him a few minutes to get it through his head but when he saw me smiling he said, “Dirty Trick! Clever, but dirty.” and then swung me around the room.”

“I was going to make a huge roman numeral IV in blue chalk in our driveway when I thought I was pregnant.

I don’t know if he would have gotten the hint….He is the 3rd and our son would be the 4th!”

“When I was pregnant with L~~~, I bought one of those cute cheap baby bottles with a lamb and other decorations on it. I stuck my positive test inside and wrapped pink & blue ribbon around the neck of the bottle with a pacifier. I stuck it in the cabinet with the glasses. When he got home, I was laying on the couch pretending I didn’t feel well. I asked him to get me a glass of water. When he found the bottle he kept asking “what’s this?” over and over and got more and more excited each time. He was too cute!”
“I thought of a cute way to tell him the baby’s sex. I am getting a tee shirt and putting either a pink bow or a baseball cap over my belly on the shirt. Then just sitting back and seeing how long it takes him to realize. Maybe a stork on your shirt, or a pacifier or something?”

“We both decided on our Honey Moon in Europe that we were going to try for a baby. So he knew that I might be pregnant.

Two weeks later we were home and I told him to go buy a pregnancy test. I went into the bathroom peed in the cup and waited the 2 mins. I came storming out of the bathroom to tell R~~~ that I was pregnant. We both cried and laughed then he asked me to make dinner. Lol”

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