Household Hints from 1948

More “vintage” tips from 1003 Household Hints and Work Savers, written in 1948. We now live in a society were don’t take care of household items because they are cheap and easy to replace, if we took a little extra care we could save our families some money each year, that money could be use on educational items, for fund raisers within our folk and so much more. I know it’s been mentioned many times in the media that we are becoming a disposable society, meaning that we don’t tend to keep things for a long period of time, and therefore don’t except them to last as long as they did in years past. I don’t think this is a good trap to fall into. We should care for our appliances and the things we own and expect that they will last longer if we do so. There are many great tips for appliances and these are just a few to start off with.


Cords are costly to replace (on appliances/vacuums). During cleaning, release only the required length. Don’t drag yours across the room or chafe it against furniture. Keep it properly coiled on the handle when the cleaner is stored. When disconnecting turn off the current first, then grasp the plug. Don’t yank the cord.

To remove thread that winds around the rotating brush in a vacuum cleaner, run a pair of scissors lengthwise through the bristles and clip the thread; then brush them off.


Don’t let crumbs collect in your electric toaster, or a short circuit may result. Use a soft brush to remove them. Never thump the toaster or shake it violently-you’ll damage fine wires. (also always keep it unplugged when not in use!)


Waffle-bakers won’t break down or need replacement if you remember to practice these musts:

-After cooling, wipe off the outside of the baker with soft cloth wrung out of soapsuds. Rinse in the same way. Polish dry.

-If necessary clean grids with a stiff brush.

-Use absorbent paper to remove excess grease from the grids.

-Leave the baker OPEN to cool.

If you have trouble with sticking waffles, and you are sure the temperature is right, it may be that the recipe you are using doesn’t call for enough fat. Try adding one or two extra tablespoons.

Morrigan WAU

Source: Frugal Life

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