Home Schooling: The New White Flight

Everyday I run across articles on home schooling. It seems to be a growing trend, especially among middle class white families. Can you really blame any parent for wanting to home school their child? The educational system in this country has gone down hill. On the news at night are stories talking about how are schools are failing, a google search on school violence will yield a large and scary amount of results. When an educator actually tries to do something positive to encourage learning, it seems that they are met with resistance and fired. We actually had that here where I live. Our previous school superintendent required a uniform dress code, divided up classrooms into all boy or all girl, took away cell phones and music players, and he didn’t mind expelling students who were extremely problematic or very prone to violence. He turned the system around, doing a remarkable job. For his troubles, the school board decided that his services were no longer needed, hired some idiot, and in less than a years time the schools are again in trouble. The superintendent was black. Yes, I just said the superintendent was a black man who did a good job. What do you think we are here, racists? Please remember white nationalism does not automatically equate to racism, now back to what we were discussing.

I know several people who home school. There children for the most part do better than their peers, are still allowed to participate in sports either through leagues for home schooled children or through private academies who will let children participate in extra-curricular activities for a price. In that way, they still get taught those ever important social interactions. It is by no means cheap to educate a child at home either. A friend of mine pays over $500 a month for his special needs child to be educated at home, however, his child gets taught things that both really expensive private and public education have failed to provide. His boy now passes tests, reads at his grade level, and can do math. Not bad for a 15 year old who the public education system claimed was beyond hope. Home schooling has it’s drawbacks, such as accreditation, diploma validity, and in the case of some states, not recognizing a lot of home school programs.

There is also the point to be made that a lot of schools try to teach your children principles that the parents don’t agree with, such as singing the praises of people whose popularity isn’t growing. Some of them are at odds with education on religious grounds, moral grounds, and the values being instilled in their children by a group of educators who seem to grow more and more liberal. Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, white people viewed integration as a bad thing and established private schools. Looking at the way the educational system has gone, it seems that their fears weren’t unfounded. A lot of people called this white flight, as it was white students being pulled out of the educational system. Now that private schools seem to be going the way of public ones, white parents are again pulling their children out of one educational system and replacing it with a home based one.

I have to wonder at the qualifications of some of these parents to teach their children. I wasn’t good on some subjects, and I have no business teaching them to children. There is also the fact that a lot of the technology requirements are incredibly expensive. This turns a good many parents away. Despite the hardship and the cons though, parents are seeing this as a viable alternative to educating their children. In a day and age where 2 working parents is the norm, it requires 1 parent to make a sacrifice and stay at home to be a full-time teacher. The loss of additional income can be the ruin of some families.

Agree with it or disagree with it, more and more white children are being pulled out of traditional education and being taught at home. In this way, parents are able to teach their children in an environment that the child is more comfortable in. It also allows the family to teach the child the morals and beliefs that they want their child taught, not the dictates of a failing educational system. If you can afford it, I say go for it. It seems to be working so far, now we’ll just have to see if the federal government steps in and put the children back into liberal indoctrination centers, ummm, I mean schools.

Carolina Patriot

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  1. Delphia Cawthorne

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