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Prepare your house against attack, have brave dogs to guard you, have useful 162730482-2.jpg home protection image by tbosnyak2objects around your house for defense, live in the most white, and safe area you can. The homes of our ancestors where also under threat, and they created some very power magical practices to protect their home and their loved ones. Protect your home… use a little magic!!!!!!

Environment magic: Go outside and have a good look at the trees surrounding your house, do you see any Ash, Oak, Rowan or Elm trees? Our race has long worshipped these trees for their magical and practical powers, from these trees we where given weapons, supplies to make our homes, our Runes, talisman, protection, and in turn we worshipped them…where would we be without the great Yggdrasil? To harness protection for your home and those who live their, approach a tree and ask for protection, now you can ask this as plainly as you wish, or you can make it a very elaborate spoken ritual, with magic is matters not so much how you go about it, (as long as the basic elements are correct) the reason why you are doing a ritual is more important. Next, make an offering to the tree, now this can become a lovely way of introducing pagan practices to your children’s lives. A simple offering could be watering the tree, and while doing so murmuring what you feel are magical words, you may also want to give the tree something of value, such as gold, this can be as simple as pushing some gold coins into the ground around the base of the tree or presenting the tree with some flowers, again, it can be as simple handful scattered around the tree, or a beautiful garland. Give thanks for protection by making an offering or holding a simple ritual whenever mood strikes you, during a full moon is a particularly good time. As you are wishing the tree to grant you protection, you inturn have to protect the tree, this is not the tree to set your children’s swing up in, or to tie your boxing bag to.

Runic Magic: We all know about hammering a horseshoe above our front door for good luck, but did you know that is a time honoured Odinist tradition? As your hammer (representative of might Mjollnir) a nail (which represents the ‘Isa’ rune) chant:

Thrice I smite with holy crock,

With this mell I thrice do knock

One for Thor,

One for Wod

And one for Lok.

After doing so you have invoked the protection and blocking of the ‘Isa’ rune, the binding power of the ‘Isa’ rune is activated when we hammer a nail into wood.

When using runes to the protect your house , you should do it with some sort of ceremony, as simple or as elaborate as you wish, for you are creating a talisman. On the roof of a house a weather vane, in the form of ‘Wunjo’, brings joy to the household. Using the younger Futhark form of ‘Hagalaz’ modified to become the familiar Dutch ‘hex’ sign, protects entrances. The ‘Ingwaz’ rune, carved in its enclosed or out going form, has the power to protect the building from harm, as can ‘Othala’, both have traditionally been used in brickwork. Many runes can be used decoratively and magically around your home, in paintings, carvings and needlework.

A rite: A simple rite dedicated to the goddesses Frigga, who is the protector of happy households and children, amongst many things, will aid in protecting your house. You may wish to use the following words;

Good Frigga, guardian of the home,

Mother of the most ancient times, hear our calls

Frigga be with us here in this rite.

Place your protection about this home,

Bless all those who live here,

Give us a home of love, warmth and safety.

Banish those who would harm us,

Protect us against danger in the day and night,

With the bravery and strength of the Gods and Goddesses.

We thank thee Frigga,

For having heard our prayers

And know that you will answer them.

Hail the All-Mother!

Now some will tell you, rites should be performed at certain times, following strict methods and practices and must contain certain elements. We really don’t know exactly how our ancestors practiced their rites or magic work, it is more important why we create a rite or working magic, not the means by which we have done so. We are all aware of certain elements of ritual that where practiced in times long before us , some of these I believe is innate within us, some we learn and others just make common sense. When you request help from anyone, be they a God, or otherwise, you give respect, address them accordingly, you ask for assistance, you offer your thanks, verbally and also in the form of an offering. I won’t tell you how to perform this rite, trust your blood, I do not believe Frigga would ignore your appeal, because you left out a step that a book or some other person felt was important. You might like to incorporate, music, dance, it can be jovial, or solemn. Carve or paint runes, offerings of beautiful objects, or simple crafts that children have created, drink mead, making signs of the hammer or leaving loafs of bread out. You could perform this with your whole family, get the children involved, hold hands and form a circle, or you might do this while the rest of the house sleeps. You might even do this sky clad, or in your jacket and boots, or have drawn the rune ‘Pertho’ with your finger tip, until you see a silver shadow of the rune, you can do this ritual as a once only or when ever you feel the time is right. Perhaps the most important part of any kind of magic ritual, is not so much how you perform the rite, but that you have done it in the first place, drawing strength from our Gods and from the power that flows through us.

Protect your hearth and kin,

Protect our future.

This work is copyright to WAU. The only section which required reference to literature was a small part of the ‘Runic Magic’ section, ‘Secretes of the Runes’ by Nigle Pennick was used in those parts.

All work was created by the author. Peta WAU Canberra

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