Halloween costumes sexualizing our Daughters.

As an Australian we don’t really celebrate Halloween here, not to the extent that the Americans do, but this year we have been invited to a friends’ 40th birthday party & she is having it as a Halloween party. So I find myself for the first time looking into Halloween costumes and saw there was a program on TV where a woman was talking about going to buy Halloween costumes for her 11yr old daughter & 8 yr old son, so with interest I watched.

This lady went into a store in a major shopping centre, which had candies out the front to encourage children and the stores entire client base was mothers & their children. All the costumes were thrown in together and whilst the boys had fun costumes such as Toy Story characters, Shrek and the likes, this mother was appalled to find that all that was available for young girls were costumes such as Major Flirty, an army dress aimed at 6yr olds & dresses that were provocatively short and suggestive.
All the female adult costumes were Playboy ones. She was horrified and disgusted to find mixed in with all the other costumes one portraying bestiality and even more horrified when her 8yr old son asked her “What is that man doing to that sheep, Mummy?” So as any concerned parent would do she approached the store manager, (the only woman working in the shore who wasn’t dressed in a Playboy costume) and asked how they thought that these costumes were appropriate for children or appropriate to have displayed amongst children’s ones. Well in answer to her question the mother was told to leave the store and security was called.
Why is it that a 6yr old needs to be portrayed as a sex object & what is wrong with parents that they accept this and dress their children in this way, whatever happened to our little girls being allowed to be innocent little girls, why do they need to be sexualized. How did one of our ancient Pagan festivals and the custom of wearing costumes and masks, in an attempt to copy the spirits and placate them turn into the sexualising of our daughters? So now I go with much trepidation in the search of suitable Halloween costumes for myself and my daughter….

Talena Australia

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