General Tips

Toenail fungus? Use Vick’s Vapor Rub on the nail.

If you accidentally leave a load of clothes in your washer overnight and they have that sour smell, just add about 1/2 cup white vinegar and run through a rinse cycle. They’ll smell sweet again!

Make a paste of salt and white vinegar to clean brass and copper.

For easy peeling baked sweet potatoes, rub the skin with vegetable oil before baking. The skins will peel right off.

To clean mini blinds, hang them outside on the clothesline and spray the blinds with a scrubbing bubble-type bathtub cleaner. I buy the generic brand at the dollar store for a buck. Just watch the grease and dirt drip off the blinds as it also cleans the cords. After a few minutes of giving the scrubbing bubbles a chance to do their job, rinse with a hose and let dry.

To prevent snow from sticking to your shovel – coat the shovel with some paste car wax.

Stinky garbage disposal? Toss a lemon in and turn it on.

If you get a spot of grease on your rug, pour some baking soda onto the spot, brush it in and leave it for a day then vacuum.

To dry shampoo your pet, rub baking soda into their fur then brush it out.

To keep your car windows frost free in winter – apply a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water over the glass.

Store your luggage with a bar of soap inside of it to keep it from getting that mildewey smell.

Make your own furniture polish by using two parts olive oil to one part vinegar. Warm slightly before using.

Just about everything can be cut in half – use only half a dryer sheet, half the recommended amount of detergent, etc. Try it on anything you can think of – if it works, you save money, if it doesn’t, what do you lose?

Use plain baking soda or salt as a fire extinguisher.

Put rice in your salt shaker to keep the salt from clumping together.

Another way to remove odors from your fridge is to place a vanilla extract soaked cotton ball inside.

Store your plastic wrap in the refrigerator – this will keep it from sticking.

If you have a spill in your oven – sprinkle salt on it right away. Once the oven cools wipe it up.

Sharpen your scissors by using them to cut fine grade sandpaper.

To freshen the air in your house without paying for canned spray – squeeze a few drops of a fresh lemon into the dust bag of your vacuum.

Spray the ins of a clean mayonnaise jar white. Store it in the refrigerator as a hiding place for money or valuables.

Did you know you can freeze milk? Next time it is on sale, pick up several gallons and freeze it!

A shot of vodka added to a vase will keep your cut flowers fresher much longer.

Brown sugar will not harden if stored in the freezer.

Freeze scouring pads. They last much longer.

Poke an egg with a small sewing needle before hard-boiling, and the egg will peel with ease!

To get salt stains off of your winter boots, rub then with a cloth dipped in vinegar.

To get rid of the gunk on your iron, sprinkle a piece of plain paper with table salt and hot iron it – no steam.

To keep track of earrings in your jewelry box, store them in an old button.

To easily measure honey for a recipe, spray the measuring spoon with nonstick cooking spray first. The honey will slide right out, which is great for accurate measuring as well as easy clean up.

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