Fruit! It does a body good

Whatever ails you, chances are Mother Nature has a cure for you!

~ Beets for your liver and prostate health.

~Papaya soothes the digestive tract.

~Cherries are said to be great to help with Arthritis pain.

~Coconut is thought to keep your stomach healthy and in good working order.

~Raw apples will ease even the toughest constipation.

~Strawberries are a great natural source of iron.

~Lemons work for acid stomach.

~Watermelon and celery are thought to keep your kidneys healthy.

~Bananas are said to ease nerves.

~Both raw apples and grapes are thought to ease tobacco cravings.

~Figs are a natural cancer-fighter.

~Garlic is a natural “antibiotic”.

~Parsley will ease chronic bad breath.

~Carrots are awesome “eye” food to keep your vision keen.

~Kelp is a natural source of iodine.

~It’s little known that green peppers are quite high in Vitamin C.

~Honey is good for your heart.

~Oranges keep blood vessels open.


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