Food for thought

The USDA food pyramid is a huge topic of controversy in my opinion. I am adding no links here as these are my own opinions. The food pyramid as we know it only came in to play in the early 70’s I believe. It puts grains on top and fats nearly to the bottom. America as we know it has become fatter and fatter ever since.

Has anyon ever read the nutritional facts on a bag of pig fattener? It is mostly grain and little fat and protein. Pigs get really fat fast on this diet. Most “low fat” foods have a lot of sugar in them to make them softer and more palatable. We have taken the fat out of everything and as a result we have become a fat sluggish people. Our brain needs healthy fats to function, by this I mean the fats found in meats and dairies.

Has anyone ever seen those skinny actresses and models?(of course this is rhetorical, I know you have) They are thin yes but their faces are aging rapidly, this is attributed to the lack of fat in their diet. They go and get botox injections and face lifts to turn back the clock. Less fat and meat makes for a more docile population. It also contributes to more polar problems, women producing less estrogen and men less testosterone.

Infertility rates have never been so high as they are in the recent generation. Everyone needs to look away from this pyramid and eat the healthy, real foods. Meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, good fats and whole grains and dairy as your body tolerates it. I was brought up this way and when I started eating more “mainstream” as an adult, I gained weight and felt horrible.

I surely don’t eat a perfect diet and my kids do get their “treats” but we are not on the pig fattener diet.

Anyway this is just my thoughts on food and also governmental intervention on a system that didn’t need improvement.


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