First Food Idea’s..

Once your baby is enjoying their first solid foods three times a day, start to increase the amount and introduce variety. The consistency should still be mashed / pureed.

For breakfast my whole family has always started off with Baby rice cereal, Ready Brek or Weetabix.

For lunch / dinner vegetables are the perfect food to introduce as your babies first solid food for baby, veggies are both nutritious and easy to digest. Some parents prefer to introduce vegetables before fruits, if your baby gets used to the natural sweetness of fruits first, they might not be so willing to accept vegetables later.

Once your baby is enjoying these vegetables and fruits, how about veggies and fruits together for some unique and surprisingly delicious flavours, apples and carrots are wonderful together, taste for yourself and see! We also recommend apples or bananas with sweet potato, they taste great together.

All families have days when life is so hectic that they open a jar of baby food for convenience, don’t worry, it will do your baby no harm and can save you the stress of quickly trying to prepare food for a hungry, crying baby. However, commercial baby foods are not ideal to give your baby on a regular basis, reports have shown that added water and thickeners are used to bulk out the contents of jars and cans. Some meat based baby foods may contain as little as 20 percent meat, and some food have a lot of sugar in them. Homemade is best, i certainly wouldn’t eat canned food for dinner everyday so i would hardly expect a child to grow up healthy and nourished from prepacked foods.


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