First aid for infants

Burns – If a burn doe occur, do not apply petroleum jelly, ointment or butter to the burn. They make the symptoms worse and do not allow air to assist in healing. Apply a liberal amount of aloe vera. This will cool the burn and help prevent “peeling”.

Cuts – Clean minor cuts with soap and water and cover with a band-aid. To keep the scar factor low, apply sunscreen to the area everyday (I wish my mother had known this).

Bruises – These are rare in infants. Applying an ice pack and Arnica cream for a faster healing time.

Sunburn – Always make sure to put on a sun block with an SPF 30 and reapply often. Many children get what is called “after burn”. This is when they feel fine until after they are burned. Soak in a cool (not cold) tub of vinegar. Apply Aloe Vera Gel (I keep a tube of it in the refrigerator) give the child Ibuprofen (not aspirin). If the burn is intense, hydrocortisone is recommended. If blisters start forming, it is best to see a doctor

Bug Bites – Bugs…especially mosquitoes, love infant blood. Clean and dry the bite and apply a compress to alleviate pain. Apply an ointment for itch relief.

Nausea – There is not too much you can do for an infant when they are nauseated. Just wait it out and if it does not get better, call a doctor.

Heat Exhaustion – Babies are extremely prone to heat exhaustion, especially when they are ill. Make sure your child is getting adequate fluid intake and that the temperature around them is cool enough. Loosen clothing and put ice packs or cold compresses to the neck, under the armpits and to the groin area and get emergency help.

You should consider taking a First Aid and CPR class. To find a course in your area go to:

The number for The Poison Control Center is 1-800-222-1222

If you’re ever in doubt about anything…always call 911.


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