Finding the right way to introduce a child to WN ideas

(Q) Finding the right way to introduce a child to WN ideas is always a personal decision for any proud aryan parent, and for the time being I’ve just been careful not to have a TV and to screen all the picture books and other literature, but now that my young daughter is starting to get out of the house a bit more often, and I’m having difficulty with little things like trips to the park or the sandpit. It’s really the first time she’ll be encountering non-whites, and I certainly don’t want her mixing with them, playing together in the sandpit or in the playpark… I think it will make it harder to teach her that those simians are sub-human if she’s been fooled by her earlier encounters. But there aren’t enough WNs with kids in my area for her to socialize with. How can I get her to mix and play with some good pure white children her age, without having to expose her to all those dirty messy THINGS that the “ethnics” drag around with them? Or will she just have to be a bit lonely for the time being? Your help would really be appreciated :)
Annie xxx

(A) Unfortunately – this is a very common experience most of us find ourselves facing as our children get older. Most of us don’t have others with our political beliefs living around us. My first suggestion would be to start up your own playgroup – that way you get to pre-approve who gets to join. If you belong to a homeschoolers group – I would start there. If your child has any interests such as dance classes, music lessons, karate – whatever, you could try arranging play dates with some of those parents as well. If there are kids that you see at the park quite often, speak with their parents and see if they’d like to meet up at the park at a set time. Don’t feel bad if you have to call your child aside if an undesirable tries to join in their fun. Explain to your child to be polite – but those people are not their friend.

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