Feedback from our readers..

Love Homefront. Impressive site. Keep up the good work. Reader from Wisconsin..

I’ve been looking through the new issue & some of the articles on the site, and they’re very interesting, I’ll be bookmarking it. Reader from North Carolina..

Thanks for the printable version, its nice to not have to read it on the computer. Reader from Canada

What an excellent publication, thanks for sharing!! Reader from California..

Hey, thanks for this great resource! There’s something here for everyone–even though my kids are 18 and 16, I found several helpful tips (especially in the summer issue). Reader from Chicago.

This is a WONDERFUL publication. I can say that seeing as I’m single at the moment, and don’t have any kids, that I don’t usually look at these types of publications- However, I have two wonderful Nieces that have stolen my heart, and I will forward this link to my Sister-in-law! I’m sure she’ll be able to find something useful in there for little Vivian and Lilly. This is a very well-done publication, and I think that Homefront will continue to get better with each new issue. Reader from Nebraska..

Well – my Mom got a chance to sit and read the whole thing this morning and she calls up, crying! “I’m so proud of you girls, I wish things like this had been around for me when I was struggling with 4 kids and a truck driver husband who was home once a month!” There’s nothing like hearing something like that from your Mom! – Reader from NJ..

Nice website. I am going to turn my wife onto it! Recycling yogurt pots, awesome idea to use them from sprouting seeds! Reader from Florida

I should have paid attention in school. Viking Girl makes me feel stupid. Very nice. Something to work with the kids on. Reader from the Northwest USA..

Already downloaded! Another great issue, thanks! – Reader from Florida..

Good work! There were several really interesting articles and recipes I’ll have to try. I just read the whole thing, haha. Reader from Wisconsin

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