EU Politicians & Paedophilia

In 2002, facts about the political elite, which rule the emerging European Union (EU), were discovered in the Berlin trial of terrorist Hans-Joachim Klein (Klein was sentenced for nine years’ imprisonment for his part in a 1975 terrorist attack on an OPEC ministers).

During this trial, the most disgusting facts that were discovered were about Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a member of the European Parliament, and member of French green party.

Cohn-Bendit, like Joschka Fischer (German Foreign Minister), was part of the Soviet-organized European terrorist underground, and during Klein’s trial photos were published of Fischer attacking a policeman in Frankfurt… but this is not the most shocking fact, for those who do not know it sit down and read it…

Marc Daniel Cohn-Bendit, son of stateless German Jewish parents, emigrated to France in 1933, and in the mid-1970s, was an outspoken defender of paedophilia, in this trial were available to the press excerpts from Cohn-Bandit’s 1975 memoir Le Gran Bazaar. The book describes the radical leader’s experiences, with children, in Frankfurt, where he lived after being kicked out of France.

This book of memories describes in disturbing details his relation with some of the young children that were on his care, the most horrible experience that he wrote was about a little girl of 5 years old that was in his charge and shocking confessions about sexual experiences with children in a German playground school where he worked.

In his book you can read disturbing and shocking confessions like “It happened some times certain children open my pants and started to touch me. I reacted in different ways agreement the circumstances, but it was them desire. I asked some times: ‘Why you do not play together? Why they had chosen me, and not another child?’ But they insisted, and I, although everything, caressed them.”

Cohn-Bendit’s book was greeted with effusive critical acclaim at the time of its publication. Two years later, several leading lights of France’s, including Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Foucault, Jaques Derrida, Jack Lang (Old France’s minister of education.), and Bernard Kouchner (who served as France’s minister of health), signed a petition calling for the legalization of paedophilia.

Cohn-Bendit was under investigation during several years, but could only be prosecuted in Germany if the European Parliament saw fit to revoke his diplomatic immunity.

Now you can think about this, in which Europe do you live? A Europe that supports paedophilia and terrorism, a Europe governed by Jewish paedophiles and communist terrorists? No one have the courage to accuse this pervert, freaks, and psychopaths? What kind of people allows this scum hide them under the diplomatic immunity?

In 2002 these facts were first page in newspapers and magazines all over Europe, nowadays everybody forget this and this pervert Jew stay free and who know if he do not continues seducing children. Who knows… and don’t forget that these are the people that govern your beloved Europe.

WAU Portugal

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