Essential Oils

My sister is obsessed with her home smelling clean. Every time she enters her home, her first comment is to ask if I can smell the horrible smell, bu I never can. Now that I am a homeowner and I have a pet, I have been cursed with the same first comment as I enter my own home: “Can you get that horrible smell?”

If a product exists to make your home smell fresh, I have tried it. The only things that stop me from obsessing over bad smells are essential oils! My husband and I have even started to make our own. Here a few tips we have found in various books and forums about how to best use your own essential oils:

– Put a small dab of essential oil on your light bulb while it is cold, and when it heats up from use it will fill the air with a wonderful scent; I use this tip for the lamp by my bed!

– Dip some cotton wool balls in essential oils and put them in your drawers, but make sure they don’t touch your clothes; I sit mine in a small opened box in the corner. Lavender will deter moths!

– Put some essential oils in your humidifier.

– Put six to eight drops in 600 ml of water in a fine spray bottle, and spray into the air as an air freshener and towards carpets and curtains. Do not spray onto velvet or silk, and avoid spraying directly onto wood.

– Clean your fridge with one drop of orange, mandarin, mint, lavender or lemon oil added to the final rinse water.


Sources: The Natural Family and A Guide to Natural Cleaning!

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