Easy Homemade Stained Glass Votive Candle

For this project you’ll need:

A glass votive holder

Small pieces of colored tissue paper

White glue diluted waterhttps://www.ecoupons.com/show_image.php?n=http://image.misterart.com%2Fgrouppix%2F528x352%2F000%2Fg926.jpg

A small brush

Put about three tablespoons of white glue into a jar or cup and add about one tablespoon of water. You want it about the consistency of watery paint.

Cut the tissue paper into small squares or other patterns. We tore the paper for a more random pattern.

Brush on Some Glue

Layer on the Tissue

Coat with Glue

Let Them Dry and Coat Again

Add a Votive and Enjoy!

Scarlett NJ

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