Easter Crafts

Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

Coffee filters, food coloring, straws or eye droppers

Cut coffee filters into oval egg shapes. Fill cups or dishes with 1/4 cup of water, one for each color, and add a few drops of food colorhttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ypalM7eSBEQ/SbOm51fAfyI/AAAAAAAAAGs/RmoHiKR7bzA/s200/easter_clipart_bunnies.gifing to each. Use straws or eye droppers to drip colored water onto the egg shapes. Use many different colors for beautiful results!

Footprint Chicks

Yellow *washable* paint, construction paper, crayons or markers, glue, cornmeal.

Paint the bottom of the child’s foot (excluding the toes) with yellow paint and have him step onto a piece of construction paper. You may want to have a wet rag handy to wipe off his foot afterwards! Allow paint to dry, then allow child to add a beak, eyes, and legs to the chick. For a nice touch, have him spread glue at the bottom of the paper and while it is still wet, sprinkle on some cornmeal.

Handprint Lambs

Black construction paper, scissors, cotton balls, glue, white crayon

Trace the child’s hand onto black construction paper and allow them to cut out the shape (younger children may need adults to complete this step). Turn the hand shape upside down, forming the lamb’s body with fingers as ‘legs’ and the thumb as its ‘head’. Have children glue cotton balls onto the ‘body’ and add facial features with the white crayon. Glue onto another piece of paper and draw grass, or display as-is!

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Cardboard (empty food boxes work well), chocolate pudding

Prepare chocolate pudding if from a mix, or go about it the easy way and simply use pudding cups. Cut bunny shapes out of cardboard, and allow children to finger paint with the pudding, creating their own ‘chocolate bunnies’.

Juice Can Bunnies

Frozen juice cans (clean and dry), white, pink and black construction paper, google eyes, cotton balls, scissors, glue, tissue paper or Easter grass, Easter goodies.

For younger children, have all the body parts cut out and ready to be glued. Older children can do most of this project on their own. Cover the juice can in white construction paper, leaving the top open. Then attach construction paper ears, feet, nose, and whiskers. Fill with green tissue paper or Easter grass, and lots of treats!

Easter Egg Stands

Empty toilet paper rolls, paint, stickers

Cut cardboard tubes into four pieces each and allow children to paint with bright colors. Once dry, have children apply stickers to decorate, and you now have stands for your Easter eggs!

Easter Bunny Headbands

Construction paper, scissors, crayons or markers, tape or stapler

Cut a strip 2” thick and long enough to go around the child’s head. Staple or tape the ends together to form the headband. Fold a piece of construction paper in half and draw the shape of a bunny ear on one side. Allow child to cut out ears (or provide assistance for little ones) and have her add any details she’d like with the crayons or markers. Tape or staple the ears onto the band and your little bunny will be ready to go!


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