Culture under fire

Culture – the skill, arts, etc. of a given people in a given period.  One of the major problems in recent years among our youth has been that of identity.  When you ask them why they are engaged in certain outlandish acts, they will invariably reply, “I am merely doing my own thing”.  This is a commendable attitude, if it can be channeled in the proper direction.

Every pla you look in society it is easy to see he impact of what has become known as the “Hip-Hop” culture.  Everyday more and more children and even adults are falling into the cesspool of today. White children are the most susceptible to the influence of what is called the “Hip-Hop culture”.  The reason for this is because the feel un-cool if they are not part of the “in” crowd.  They get this feeling of “un-cool” from TV, magazines, and music and from friends at school. This is what a German born U.S. psychoanalyst has to say about ideology; “Ideologies are administered by bureaucracies that control their meaning. They develop systems; they decide what is right and what is wrong thinking. Who is faithful and who is a heretic, in short, the manipulation of ideologies becomes one of the most important means for the control of people through the control of their thoughts”. Erich Fromm

Our White children are being taught that if they have any thing to do with being proud of their historical past or anything that has to do with understanding who their ancestors were or being proud of their racial heritage is wrong. So in order to “fit-in” they adopt a false culture so that they are not shunned by society. We cannot expect our white children to learn Aryan values on their own. Me must expose the lies they are being taught. Education starts in the home not at school. They are with you almost five years before they start school.

I know it seems kind of young and they might not understand much of what you say, but the soil of a child’s mind is very fertile and a seed planted and “watered” with love and dedication will bear the fruit of knowledge, and understanding. Our children will grow up with the image of the reflection of what they learned from us. It is natural for a child to want to explore as this is part of the learning process, but we must be there to point out and educate the pros and cons of every action and decision they make.

A child today is the future tomorrow. Only through our children will we live on. I cannot express enough the need to educate our white children.  By education and through dedication to our children and our race we will only become stronger. Don’t let your Aryan child fall victim to ZOG lies or influence. Our hearts beat as one and as one we shall become. Before we educate, we must become educated. Our white children cannot pass on their Aryan values unless they are taught the importance of learning and passing them on.

The greatest triumph of our educational method should always be this: “To bring about the spontaneous progress of the child” – Maria Montessori, Italian Physician, Educator.

Our race means the world to us… Past Present and Future.
Creator – Thomas Blair

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