Children and TV

It is no news for any of us that today’s is not healthy for White children. Everyday our kids are fed with all kinds of trash that their young heads swallow: gay characters in soap operas(of course, those characters have many times a “funny” personality, as if being homosexual was fun), gay and interracial couples, niggers being heroes and “cool” in almost every Hollywood movie…and the list goes on. It is our duty to protect our children from the bad influence of TV and it is necessary to exert some degree of supervision over what they watch.

That doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t be allowed to watch TV; the point is not trying to isolate them; the point is that they should be encouraged to watch programs that have a positive content and that can add to a child’s intelligence: documentaries, ecology programs, and so on. TV should be a tool used to promote positive interests in our children. The same applies to computers and the Internet, except for the fact that in this case it is even worse. Internet can be both useful and harmful: it is possible to find all kind of trash online, things that our children must stay away from.

In any case, there are always better things for children to do than watching TV or surfing the net: making exercise, playing with friends, reading, or making activities together with their family. A healthy family environment is the basis for a healthy White community.

Ivana WAU Argentina

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