Celebrating Winter

By the time the Winter Solstice is upon us, I am ready to celebrate the birth of the Sun God in very simple traditional ways. Here are a few ways to celebrate Yule without running yourself ragged.

Tuck some fresh sprigs of berried holly around your house for protection and good luck, If you can’t find berried holly you can use plain ole holly,I have Holly hung over my front door year round for protection. Make sure to keep the berries out of reach for children. We also do a Yule Holly Fire spell every year, last year we done the Yule Fire spell with 4 other friends and a teenage boy who was the son of a comrade, we all had a wonderful time participating, we will include the spell at the bottom of the page.

You can also hang some pine roping over your doorways to ward your home and to encourage good health and joy; we started this ritual last year and will continue to do it in our family. Many families have been doing this for years. Some folk say that by doing this you are inviting the faeries of winter into your home so they can have a warm place to celebrate the Yuletide festivities, who doesn’t need a little bit of Faery magick in their home.

We also decorate our home with Yule ornaments mostly suns and stars, you should always check our your local $1 store, I found some beautiful red Sparkly suns their last year and I still have them hanging up from last year. The most important thing about this holiday is to enjoy it, celebrate your life and family and be grateful for all you have.

Yule Fire Spell..

On the darkest night of the year, gather together three dried leaves of holly and pulverize them into powder. On a clean, four-inch by four-inch piece of parchment paper, write a single word in red ink that represents what quality or trait you would like to be born within yourself along with the newborn Yule Sun. Sprinkle the holly powder into the center of the paper and twist the whole thing closed with the holly powder inside. Light the wick of a red candle, and from this flame, lights the holly-filled paper on fire. As it burns, see your wish fulfilled. The spell is done. We put our holly in the microwave to dry it out, and then we crush it with our mortar and pestle.


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